The Evolved Ones Trilogy

In a world where humans are evolving, people are more curious than afraid. They look for answers from a handful of scientists who try to uncover why some develop abilities yet the vast majority do not. For most humans, it’s an exciting time, but for Evolved Ones – EOs – it’s a game of hide and seek that ends with far too many of their kind disappearing, permanently.  

Its like Hunger Games met X-men but with heroes age 30 and over, which made this book even a better read.

-Zuzanna (GoodReads)

Four years ago, Rox awoke without a single memory and the involuntary ability to heal. Speech and most of her higher level cognitive functions were working, but everything about herself felt unfamiliar. Plagued by insecurity and confusion, she leaves the only home she can remember in search of her true identity. 

Rox has finally reunited with her family, but even orderly Singapore can’t keep her safe. Dark forces threaten her loved ones. But this time, instead of running away, Rox fights back, ready to sacrifice everything.

The team is finally whole again, but not without a few scars that even Rox can’t heal. As tensions rise between EOs and ordinary humans, will Rox continue to operate from the shadows or will she have the courage to step out into the light.

Available 2021.

The Evolved Ones Book Trailer

Short Stories

“In Natasha Oliver’s “Tax Collector,” a story that aptly looks into the future and predicts our current financial woes, we see coworkers at the IRS who never seem to connect with one another by design, although they work together for years, so it comes as no surprise to find that one person is hiding a very large secret.” -Jeanne Marinak”
“This is the first Spinetinglers Anthology I’ve read, but I can’t wait to read the next one. All the stories were interesting, and very few were anything less than three stars … I would recommend this anthology to those who like their horror more brainy than gory, and those who like it in small chunks.” -Georgiagyrl (Amazon)

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