“A strong female protagonist reminds us of our strength and feeds our courage. ”

Born in South Carolina, Natasha has lived in NYC, Boston, DC, Tokyo, Singapore, and the countryside of England and has spent 15 years working in North and South Asia. She writes women of color characters who reflect the female journey. 

She draws on her experience traveling and living as an expatriate for more than 18 years to create characters who are universal. 

“They may be Latin, Singaporean, Thai or Black American, but at their core, they are you, they are me.”

Natasha has worked at multinational organizations and investment banks in the areas of HR and Project Management. 

“The pay sucks in comparison, but nothing is more gratifying than sitting in front of my laptop and weaving together a tale of suffering and triumph.”

Natasha earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Goddard College and a Bachelor of Science in Marketing at Lehigh University. She currently teaches Creative Writing and lives with her amazing husband, their “chalk-and-cheese” two daughters, and their dog, Saachi, in the Florida sunshine. 

What People Are Saying About Her Debut Novel

This is the author’s debut novel, but it reads like she’s a seasoned author. I experienced all of the emotions with Rox – fear, anger, pain, and confusion.

Marquita Wen,
Good Reads

Awakening is a wonderfully wild, action-packed story for those who like X-Men and/or military-type thrillers. With a cast of ethnically diverse characters, Awakening is a fast, fun, modern story for those who like breathless action and suspense!

Karen Hugg,

This exciting thrill ride of a novel kept me riveted to the end. The lead character is a charismatic and strong female character who defends herself in the beautifully and detailed world created by the author.

George Miller,

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