Sometimes the only way out, is through.

Coming to you in July 2019
cover art by Kelley Lim

When mankind discovers that humans are evolving, people are more curious than afraid. Governments are slow to respond and look for answers from the handful of scientists who try to uncover why some develop abilities yet the vast majority do not. For most humans, it’s an exciting time of wonder and possibility, but for eos— the evolved ones—it’s a game of hide and seek that ends with far too many of their kind disappearing, permanently. 

cover art by Kelley Lim

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A journey into self.

“In Natasha Oliver’s “Tax Collector,” a story that aptly looks into the future and predicts our current financial woes, we see coworkers at the IRS who never seem to connect with one another by design, although they work together for years, so it comes as no surprise to find that one person is hiding a very large secret.” -Jeanne Marinak

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