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21 October 2019

AK Lee’s Review of Awakening

I bought the book with the promise of reviewing it for October. Well, I read the entire book in one afternoon. It is a fast-paced, action-packed story, which makes it easy to devour. Rox is not the usual protagonist for a science fiction adventure(Read full review).

21 October 2019

Awakening. Is it Really All About Motherhood? Andrea McKenna Answers.

Full of action, pain and suffering, which is at the heart of one of the main character’s special gifts, the book tells the story of Rox, a 40-something woman who is trying to recover her memories from the last four years… (Read full review.)

05 October 2019

Henley Literary Festival

It was an exciting day to attend the Henley Literary Festival. I was able to interact with other authors as well as various artists who came out to support one another.

22 September 2019

Book Launch @NLB

Summary: Rox wakes up 4 years ago without memory and is on a quest to uncover her true identity. She’s on the run from a man she thought she was in love with, a man she considered family. Now she’s out of options. She feels like she’s at the end of the road, and the book starts off with what she feels like is her last option. (Read full review.)

09 September 2019

A Sassy Mama Write-up

I don’t know how he saved himself from my boot, but looking back, that period in my life represents the last time I had any “real” clue what the hell I was doing. (Read the full article.)

26 July 2019

Awakening Book Trailer

A rather unique trailer that feels more like a movie than your next urban fantasy good read! (Watch the 30-sec trailer.)

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