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BLOOD RAIN – an epic fantasy series

Ayel is daughter to the leader of the Wandryls, a nomadic tribe of former slaves who fought their way to freedom. The first female born to the Old Guard, she’s known for her unique fighting style and has helped her people defend their way of life.

But lasting freedom is not without sacrifice.

The Gormuls, an industrious and thought-to-be ruthless empire, are making their way north of The Crag. Their advance threatens the rule of the five Northern families who settled the land and brought peace and prosperity after the War of the Serpents.

Edrisyll, third in line to the Stonefort throne and one of the few remaining Battle Mages, knows if the North waits for the Gormuls to reach their lands, it’ll be too late.

With the Sisterhood guiding him, he’s their best hope at averting a war. But even the Sisters can’t see everything. Sometimes, history is determined not by the chosen one, but a single woman with the will of many.

Main Character

Ayel is the first of The Old Guard to be born female. Her strength can be measured by the quality of her tribe. She lives in a time when physical prowess is highly valued. Life is hard. There are monsters, metaphorical and literal.

Only the adaptive survive.

Her mastery in battle has secured her people’s freedom, but now a different battle awaits. One she’s never trained for and cannot see coming.

She’s been a mother and a wife, but now she is fallow. Suffering and death are her constant travel companions, and she yearns for death but to take her life would to defile her ancestors and curse her surviving line for generations.

There is no strength in death, only in survival.

2nd Main Character

Edrisyll is the third in line to the Stonefort throne and the first male born to the Sisterhood, a group of women bonded through the gift of sight. They are the keepers of the True Past and the unseen protectors of mankind.

All that you see is not all that there is.

One of the few remaining Battle Mages, Edrisyll was trained in magical combat and has secured his families status among the 5 northern ruling kingdoms.

He’s been hunted by the other kingdoms who lost their Battle Mages in war and have not had one born in their lands for decades.

Uniqueness is blessing to its curse and a curse to its blessing.

4 thoughts on “Current WIP

  1. Brittany Sumpter January 4, 2022 — 3:25 pm

    I can’t wait to read this

    1. Thanks. I’ll be sharing a little something each week as I begin this exciting new series.

      1. I need alerts because I don’t want to miss a moment. This is epic!

      2. Thank you! I’ll show you how to do that!

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