Beyond the Story

Engaging discussions about books, life, and everything in between.

Between the words is where the truth lies. When asked by an aspiring writer, I share what a writer’s life is like, in truth. (5:28)

A Writer’s Life, In Truth

Age ain’t nothing but a number… or is it? A look at why I choose my leading protagonists and what they represent. (2:34)

What I Write, and Why

You know the night owl is serious about writing when she becomes the early bird. A look at how parenting changes writing.


Writing as a Mom

A discussion about where ideas originate and when you know you have a character you can work with. (2:52)

Do the best ideas stem from suffering?

Treat yourself to an original series (and book trailer). Travel around the globe with an interesting cast of characters as they solve the mystery: Who is Rox? (1:44)

A truly great book deserves a truly original trailer

Awakening is a wonderfully wild, action-packed story for those who like X-Men and/or military-type thrillers.”


The 5-star reviews are in, but judge for yourself

Despite the exhilarating pace, Rox is a character searching for her place in the world. A place and a time when she belongs. (1:47)

A look at characterization and hidden themes

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